Deciduous Fruit Trees

Deciduous Fruit Trees for Your Home Orchard

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have a variety of 5-gallon size Deciduous Fruit Trees available from Dave Wilson Nursery, including the varieties listed below—available while supplies last:

  • Dave Wilson Deciduous Fruit TreesAll-in-One Semi-Dwarf Almond - The number one almond tree for home orchards. Boasts heavy crops of soft shell nuts with sweet, flavorful kernels. Hot summer required to ripen. 15 ft. tall tree, very winter and frost hardy.  
  • Apple Varieties:
    • Anna Apple - Remarkable fruit for mild winter climates. Provides heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert. Summer harvest. Delicious fresh or cooked. Keeps up to two months in the refrigerator.
    • Dorsett Golden Apple - Outstanding sweet apple for warm winter climates. Firm, very flavorful, sweet fruits similar to the Golden Delicious Apple.
    • Einshemer Apple - Offers sweet yellow apples in early summer. Heavy bearing, with a very low chiling requirement. Excellent pollenizer for the Anna Apple.
  • Apricot Varieties:
    • Gold Kist Apricot - Excellent backyard apricot for warm winter climates. Freestone, very good quality. Heavy bearing.
    • Katy Apricot - Large, all-purpose, flavorful freestone. Tree-ripe fruit is subacid (not tart). A favorite apricot for warm-winter climates. Early harvets, 3-4 weeks before Blenheim (Royal) Apricot.
  • Asian Pears:
    • Tsu Li (Chinese) Asian Pear - Juicy, crisp, greenish-yellow pear-shaped fruit. Blooms early and a pollenizer for Ya Li Asian Pear in warmer climates.
    • Ya Li (Chinese) Asian Pear - High quality greenish-yellow, pear-shaped fruit is juicy, sweet, refreshing and crisp like an apple when ripe. Vigorous tree.
  • Cherry Varieties:
    • Minnie Royal Cherry - New sweet cherry for low chill climates of the Southwest. Medium-sized red fruit is firm with good flavor. Very productive tree.
    • Royal Lee Cherry - New sweet cherry for low chill climates of the Southwest. Medium-sized red fruit is very firm with excellent flavor. Very productive tree.
  • Pear Varieties:
    • Flordahome Pear - A low-chill pear from Florida. Very nice quality with sweet, smooth-textured, juicy and flavorful fruits. Blooms early.
    • Hood Pear - Large, early season fruit has yellow-green skin and sweet, mild-flavored flesh. Very low chilling requirement and reported to be highly resistant to fire blight.
  • Nectarine Varieties:
    • Desert Dawn Nectarine - A proven heavy producer of delicious nectarines for warm winter western climates. Solid red skin with juicy yellow semi-freestone and rich flavor.
    • Garden Delight Miniature Nectarine - Large yellow freestone is sweet, delicious and refreshing. This heavy bearing 5-6 ft. tree is easily covered to protect blooms from frost.
  • Plum Varieties:
    • Satsuma Plum - Sweet, mild (not tart) and excellent for jam. Mottled maroon over green colored skin with dark red meaty flesh.
    • Methley Plum - The earliest plum. Juicy and sweet, with red flesh and mild flavor. Reddish purple skin. Attractive tree is heavy bearing and vigorous. Extremely cold hardy.
    • Santa Rosa Plum - Most popular plum in Arizona. Juicy, tangy and flavorful. Reddish purple skin with amber flesh tinged red.
  • Peach Varieties:
    • Bonanza Miniature Peach - Popular yellow freestone with large fruit that is sweet and low in acid with a mild, refreshing flavor. A 5-6 ft. tall tree that blooms early midseason (before mid- June in low desert climates).
    • Desert Gold Peach - Very early ripening in May in Arizona. Tree-ripened fruit has good flavor and sweetness for such an early variety. Yellow clingstone and heavy bearing.
    • May Pride Peach - Very early peach for warm winter climates. Ripens in May, about the same time as the Desert Gold Peach. Delicious, sweet and tangy, semi-freestone when fully ripe. Very large for such an early peach. Tree has large, showy pink blossoms.
    • Babcock White Peach - A long-time favorite, white-flesh freestone peach. Sweet, juicy and aromatic; low in acid. High scoring in taste tests.
  • Giant Fuyu Persimmon - This persimmon is larger and not as flat as a Fuyu Persimmon. Crunchy when ripe (like the Fuyu Persimmon). Sweet, flavorful and non-astringent. Easy to grow in cool or hot climates.
  • Wonderful Pomegranate - Large, purple-red fruit with delicious, tangy flavor. Best quality in hot inland climates. Gaudy red orange bloom with ornamental foliage. Long-lived in any soil. Self-fruitful.

Planting a TreeReady to Plant Your Fruit Tree?

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have just the right soils and fertilizers to ensure the successful planting and growth of your fruit tree, including:

Want to learn more? Click the link below to watch our "How to Plant Trees & Shrubs" video.

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