DeWitt N-Sulate Frost ClothIt's not too late to protect tender plants from cold & frost

DeWitt N-Sulate Frost Protection Blanket

Protect your plants from cold and frost with this medium weight, 1.5 oz permiable fabric. Ideal for use with flowering annuals, bedding plants and edible gardens. Raises the temperature below the fabric by 6-8 degrees fahrenheit. Hold in place with DeWitt repins or anchor pins. Reusable and UV treated.

  • 10 ft. x 12 ft. blanket - $18.99 each
  • Also availalbe by the foot (12 ft. wide by x ft. long) - $1.89 per foot

Bonide Wilt-StopBonide Wilt-Stop

Bonide Wilt Stop is an anti-transpirant plant protector. It prevents winter kill, wind burn, sunscald, salt damage and drying out. It reduces moisture loss when plants are under stress and helps reduce transplant shock.

The ready-to-use bottle is great for small applications, while the concentrate will support a larger area.

  • 32 oz. Concentrate - $22.99 each
  • 40 fl. oz. Ready to Use (RTU) spray bottle - $12.99 each 

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