Ultraviolet flowersBring the Color of the Year into Your Garden Landscape

Ultra Violet has been named Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year (Pantone 18-3838)

Pop some ultra violet color into your garden with these flowers:

  • Bellflowers - Campanula (above right)
  • Pentas (c)
  • Blue Emu Bush (e)
  • Sages (g)
  • Blue Hibisucus (f)
  • Vinca (a)
  • Ipomoea batatas "Blackie" (d)

Ultraviolet color

Stunning plants that pair well and accentuate ultra violet color:

  • Artemisia (i)
  • Mint (o)
  • Creeping Mother of Thyme (m)
  • Penstemon (n)
  • Foxglove (h)
  • Silver Dusty Miller Plant (j)
  • Green Tasman Flax-Lily (l - shown with and without berries)
  • Thyme (k)

Ultraviolet Companion Plants

Your Patio Never Looked so Good!

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Ultraviolet Custom Pottery Creations