Family Favorites: How to Grow Mandarin Oranges

One of the most popular citrus fruits is the mandarin orange, more commonly known as a Cutie or Halo. These small, flavor-packed oranges are a favorite among kids and adults alike. There are so many varieties and tips to growing your own mandarin tree; first, let’s start...

The Joys of Growing Your Own Tomatoes

Is there anything better than a homegrown tomato?

These plump, juicy vegetables are perfect added to salads, mixed in sauces, or even eaten by themselves—like an apple.

Health Benefits

Along with being a kitchen staple, tomatoes have incredible health benefits. Here are a variety of ways tomatoes are good for you...

How to Use Beautiful Edible Flowers from Your Garden

Edible flowers make flavorful and nutritious additions to meals, and are one of the many types of blooms you can grow in your raised garden beds. Which ones should you plant this year?

Here are our recommended edible flowers to grow in your container garden and how...

How to Grow Roses and Companion Plants Together: What You Need to Know

Roses are one of the most stunning flowers on the planet. Even with their thorns, they hold power and beauty that you just can’t deny.  

Even though roses are lovely on their own, everyone and everything needs a companion. Keep reading below for the best plants to pair with...

Winter is the BEST time to plant Roses in the Valley of the Sun

Did you know that winter is the best time to plant roses in the Valley of the Sun?

Planting Roses in the Ground

The ideal time to plant roses outdoors in the Phoenix metropolitan area is mid-December through January, while the roses are dormant. By planting them before the...