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Want the freshest produce found just minutes away from your kitchen? You can look no further than your own backyard, patio or balcony. SummerWinds has a large selection of vegetables, herbs and fruits that will thrive in your Tasty Garden…

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Succession Planting in Raised Bed Gardens

Succession Planting - Simply put, it's a way to keep your garden productive longer

1. Make a list of the vegetables you like

2. Find our when they grow

3. Make a plan- You will want to plant two or more crops in the same space at different times...

Benefits & Care of Grafted Gardenias

Grafted Gardenias

What are Grafted Gardenias?

A grafted gardenia is a typicl garden variety gardenia, such as 'Mystery', 'Veitchii', 'First Love' or 'August Beauty' that is grafted onto gardenia thunbergii root stock.

Gardenia thunbergii by itself is not of much ornamental value in its...

Succulents Simplified


Intensely colorful, fleshy, architectural and easy to care for, succulents find their way into all kinds of horticultural applications: landscapes, dish gardens, terrariums, vertical gardens, even living roofs. Interesting and attractive succulents provide high visual appeal when potted in containers calling for high-design...