Sustainable Gardening in 8 Steps

In warm weather, your yard demands more use of our natural resources. The following will help you create a beautiful leisure space that is sustainable too.

8 Steps to a Sustainable Garden:

1. Hydrozone

When you create hydrozones, it means that plants with similar water requirements are planted together. Planning...

Grow Your Own Tasty Garden

The Best Grown By You

Want the freshest produce found just minutes away from your kitchen? You can look no further than your own backyard, patio or balcony. SummerWinds has a large selection of vegetables, herbs and fruits that will thrive in your Tasty Garden…

Have you been thinking...

Succession Planting in Raised Bed Gardens

Succession Planting - Simply put, it's a way to keep your garden productive longer

1. Make a list of the vegetables you like

2. Find our when they grow

3. Make a plan- You will want to plant two or more crops in the same space at different times...