Something about Camellias

How to Grow Camellias

Camellias are long-lived trees and shrubs that provide year-round glossy-green foliage and cool-season flowers. Cultivars of Camellia japonica (Japonicas) and Camellia sasanqua (Sasanquas) are the most commonly grown types of camellias. There are hybrids as well (look for an “X” in the plant name),...

Wild Native Bees!

Did you know, there are 20,000 species of bees—in addition to the honey bee?

An article by Kristin Ohlson in the Modern Farmer, titled "The Other Bees," shares some great observations about bees and recommendations to attract wild...

Benefits & Care of Grafted Gardenias

Grafted Gardenias

What are Grafted Gardenias?

A grafted gardenia is a typicl garden variety gardenia, such as 'Mystery', 'Veitchii', 'First Love' or 'August Beauty' that is grafted onto gardenia thunbergii root stock.

Gardenia thunbergii by itself is not of much ornamental value in its...