Sustainable Gardening in 8 Steps

In warm weather, your yard demands more use of our natural resources. The following will help you create a beautiful leisure space that is sustainable too.

8 Steps to a Sustainable Garden:

1. Hydrozone

When you create hydrozones, it means that plants with similar water requirements are planted together. Planning...

Video: How to Water


How to Water

We surveyed our staff to find out the top questions our customers ask. One was how best to water your plants. For tips and techniques, check out our new video which discusses the following topics:

  • ...

Succulents Simplified


Intensely colorful, fleshy, architectural and easy to care for, succulents find their way into all kinds of horticultural applications: landscapes, dish gardens, terrariums, vertical gardens, even living roofs. Interesting and attractive succulents provide high visual appeal when potted in containers calling for high-design...

Aloe Vera has Many Wonderful Uses

Easy to Grow: An Aloe Vera plant is easy to take care of. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when watering your Aloe Vera plant:

  • It’s much easier to overwater an Aloe Vera plant than to underwater it
  • When planting into a larger pot, use a...