Plants that Thrive with Little Water

If you are looking for a luscious garden indoors and out, here’s a list of plants that need little water to thrive... 

Outdoor Plants that Need Little Water

People think that in order to have a beautiful and enviable garden they need to have their sprinklers and water...

Sensible Landscape Watering

Save Water through your Landscape

Did you know, over half of household water use is attributed to our landscapes?

Below are some high-level tips from Water Use it Wisely. Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery today to pick up...

Sustainable Gardening in 8 Steps

In warm weather, your yard demands more use of our natural resources. The following will help you create a beautiful leisure space that is sustainable too.

8 Steps to a Sustainable Garden:

1. Hydrozone

When you create hydrozones, it means that plants with similar water requirements are planted together. Planning...

Video: How to Water


How to Water

We surveyed our staff to find out the top questions our customers ask. One was how best to water your plants. For tips and techniques, check out our new video which discusses the following topics:

  • ...