California Natives

Native plants are those plants that grew here prior to European contact. California's native plants evolved over a very long period, and are the plants Californians first knew and depended on for their livelihood. These plants have co-evolved with animals, fungi and microbes, to form a complex network of relationships. Native plants do the best job of...

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Cool Seasons Vegetables - Arriving Daily!

When growing vegetables in your garden, it’s important to select the right time of year to plant. While some vegetables will thrive in the spring or summer, different types of vegetables prefer the cool temperatures of fall. Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery for the following vegetables...

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Store-Wide Clearance

Due to a loss of our leases, we are closing our doors at our San Jose store (now closed) and Mountain View store (still open - closing in October). Join us for a store-wide-clearance at both locations.

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Let's Talk Dirt - SummerWinds Soils

SummerWinds is proud to offer our own private-label soils that deliver quality nutrients at great savings! Produced locally in a wind-powered...

  • SummerWinds Natural & Organic Potting Soil
  • SummerWinds Natural & Organic Planting Mix
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