Amaryllis - Traditional Beauty Begins Now

While the fall and winter holidays seem to creep up on us earlier every year, there are some redeeming benefits to beginning the holiday season now - the Amaryllis. Those lovely little bulbs that require minimal effort seem to bloom at just the right time of year, adding those traditional touches to our holidays.

We have a beautiful selection of Amaryllis bulbs in wax, kits or in bulk.  Start your Amaryllis now so it's beautiful blooms are gracing your home for the holidays.

New! - Amaryllis in Wax

Amaryllis in Wax Amaryllis in Wax Amaryllis in Wax

New to us this year, and the perfect gift. Touch of Wax Amaryllis. A magical presentation in gold, silver or bronze wax, these require no additional water to grow. They bloom indoors within 4 to 6 weeks. Simply place in a warm sunny area (no direct sunlight) and watch your premium red amaryllis bloom. Be sure to rotate the bulb during those 4 to 6 weeks to encourage the plant to grow up straight.

Amaryllis Kits

Amaryllis Kits

Kit includes: A pot, peat pellet that when watered will expand into the peat moss soil, and of course the premium Amaryllis bulb.

Choose From

  • 1. Minerva
  • 2. Red Lion
  • 3. Mont Blanc
  • 4. Apple Blossom

Amaryllis in Bulk

Amaryllis - Bulk

This is by far our largest selection of Amaryllis and these large healthy bulbs are well worth a little force. By forcing these bulbs, in 6 to 8 weeks they will be stunning and ready for the holidays.

Choose From:

  • 1. Apple Blossom - Traditional favorite

  • 2. Royal Velvet - Large, deep crimson-red flowers

  • 3. Barbados - Velvety, deep red blooms

  • 4. Mont Blanc - Traditional favorites

  • 5. Black Pearl - Large, velvety maroon-red blooms

  • 6. Elvas - Fully double white blooms

  • 7. Red Lion - Traditional favorite

  • 8. Minerva - Traditional favorite

  • 9. Starburst - Large 8" blooms

  • 10. Ambiance - Beautiful ivory with striping