Date: Saturday - 4/20/2019
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Location: Tatum Blvd. - Phoenix

Repurposed Potted Arrangements 

In this Make 'n Take Workshop, we'll guide you step-by-step in the planting of your own re-purposed potted arrangement. Whether you'd like a fresh look for a pot you already have or if you'd like to plant up a found object you've been keeping around (please keep in mind the need for proper drainage), this class is for you!

Included in this Make 'n Take Workshop's $19 starting cost is the complimentary soil for your potted arrangement and $19 worth of plants.  Just bring in the container of your choice (and any accessories you may want to incorporate in your arrangement) that you'd like us to help you plant.  Our workshop instructor will show you a variety of plants throughout the nursery that you can incorporate into your arrangement, depending on its final destination in your garden landscape.  Additional plants can be purchased on the day of the class.  

Note: If you have something larger that you'd like to plant up but that is too heavy to bring into the nursery, simply let us know its measurements, where it is located in your landscape, and a picture so we can help guide you with plant options that are available for purchase.  Along with your newly purchased plants (workshop costs include $19 worth of plants), we'll provide the complimentary soil and know-how so you can plant up your arrangement at home.

You will receive 10% off any extra materials you wish to purchase for your arrangement on the day of the class.

Space is limited and will fill up fast.