Join us for a FREE Learn 'n Grow class:  All About Adeniums Class

Date: Sunday - 9/8/2019
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Duration: 60-75 minutes
Location: Tatum Blvd. - Phoenix

More About Adeniums - Adeniums 2.0 Class

Join special guest speaker and local adenium expert, John Carreon, for this FREE Learn 'n Grow class.  He'll cover a number of topics, including: how to propagate from seeds and cuttings; hand pollination; his favorite cultivars; grafted plants; the difference between hybrid and cultivar; the newest hybrids; dark skin adeniums; Dorset horn adeniums (Dha); bare root winter preparation vs. in-soil preparation; soil mix; how to make them bigger; how to induce blooming; repotting; raising and trimming roots and tops; and more...

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