EarthBOX: Better yields—with less water, less fertilizer and less work. Intelligently designed by agriculture engineers and tomato farmers, the EarthBox® Garden Kit is an all-inclusive, container gardening system that has what your customers need to successfully grow an abundance of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Award-winning and university-tested, this nearly maintenance-free system has been proven to increase yields—with minimal effort—all while conserving water and using less fertilizer.

1. Plant Food/Fertilizer: Give your plants the nutrients they need via a fertilizer strip that distributes food as it's needed. EarthBox 6. Optional Staking System (Sold Separately): Eliminates the need for awkward cages or trellises, and is designed to provide stability.
2. Dolomite: Provides essential trace elements to support overall plant health and maintain pH. This will help prevent Blossom End Rot on tomatoes. 7. Mulch Cover: Conserves water and prevents weeds.
3. Growing Media: Eliminate poor soil conditions and disease with their high-quality, peat-based growing medium. 8. Sustainable & Built to Last: Simply add casters for mobility to this Food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable resin system that is UV-stabilized to last for years in direct sun.
4. Aeration Screen & Wicking Chambers: EarthBox's aeration screen, prevents root rot and mold.
5. Water Reservoir: Holds nearly 3 gallons, allowing thirsty plants to draw water naturally. 9. Water Fill Tube & Overfill Drain: Makes this system incredibly easy to water yet impossible to overwater your garden.

Smart Pot

Patented Aeration Containers

Smart Pots are BPA- and lead-free and made in the USA. These light-weight yet durable fabric pots can be used to grow organic vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees and more! Simply unfold, fill with your preferred potting soil and plant!

Available in black in the following sizes, while supplies last:

  • 5 gallon
  • 7 gallon
  • 10 gallon
  • 15 gallon
  • 20 gallon
  • 6 ft. long bed
  • 8 ft. and 12 ft. long beds available by special order only.

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