We value our partnerships. SummerWinds Nursery is proud to work alongside local organizations to make a difference in our communities, as well as to promote and support local vendors and artists wherever possible.

Our Featured Community Partnership

with Isabelle Jacobs to create a Butterfly Garden at Granite Reef Senior Center

Butterfly Garden at Granite Reef Senior Center in Scottsdale Arizona

SummerWinds Nursery recently partnered with Girl Scout Senior, Isabelle Jacobs, to help her build a Butterfly Garden at the Granite Reef Senior Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. SummerWinds Nursery was happy to be a key contributor that donated plants in support of Isabelle's Gold Award project to build, according to Isabel, "... a butterfly garden that will allow local butterflies to have a pesticide-free habitat. It will also help Monarch butterflies find a place to rest and get nourishment on their long migration. The garden will give the senior citizens, at the Granite Reef Senior Center, the opportunity to be involved in gardening and taking care of their local environment."

To see pictures and learn more about this fantastic community endeavor, check out the Facebook page for the Butterfly Garden - Granite Reef Senior Center.

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Arizona Partners & Products

To learn more about our partners, click on their names below:

Audubon Arizona
Audubon Arizona Logo

Audubon Arizona is the state office of the National Audubon Society. Their mission is to protect birds and their habitats through science, education and advocacy. Audubon Arizona believes that where birds thrive, people prosper and they work to engage people of all ages and from all walks of life in meaningful conservation projects, including their new Plants for Birds initiative. This effort focuses on making wise plant choices in both public and private spaces in order to provide bird habitat, reduce water use and benefit native pollinators. 

Visit the free admission Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center, located within the City of Phoenix’s 600 acre Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area, to learn more about bird-friendly gardening and their other programs and projects to benefit birds.

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Bayer Advanced™
Bayer Advanced™ Logo

Bayer Advanced products are easy for you to use and highly effective each and every time you use them. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of shoppers walk away from lawn and garden aisles empty-handed and confused. No more! Bayer Advanced eliminates this confusion with convenient measuring features and easy-to-read instructions … with beautiful results!

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Beneficial Beans / SARRC
Beneficial Beans Logo

Beneficial Beans is a social enterprise business by SARRC—the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, an internationally recognized, community-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to autism research, education, evidence-based treatment and community outreach. SARRC is one of the only autism organizations in the world that provides a lifetime of services for individuals and their families while conducting cutting-edge research.

Beneficial Beans uses methods and disciplines of business along with the power of the marketplace to generate revenue and create internship opportunities for adults with autism. Interns (adults with autism) work in their garden and coffee businesses to gain general employment skills and build work history.

SummerWinds Nursery carries their coffee, mugs, handmade pots and garden products, and is proud to be one of their valued employment partners. 100% of proceeds benefit adults with autism.

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BioFlora® Logo

BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to stimulate crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. Proven in Agriculture. Now available to Home Gardeners. BioFlora's proprietary blends work by enriching the soil that your plants grow in, bringing life back to your plants from the ground up.

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Bonide® Logo

For over 80 years, Bonide has been committed to providing the best possible solutions for your home, lawn and garden pest problems. They also offer a complete line of Garden Naturals - effective, time-tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was “hip to be green”.

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Colorama Wholesale Nursery
Colorama Wholesale Nursery Logo

Colorama Wholesale Nursery is a quality grower of Annuals, Perennials, Citrus Trees, and Certified Organic Herbs and Vegetables. Colorama’s growing facilities are located in Azusa, Carpinteria, Glendora, and Thermal California—totaling over 109 acres.

Colorama uses the unique climates from their various locations, to bring higher quality crops to market sooner.

All of Colorama’s facilities are certified Veriflora sustainably grown. As well as growing Annuals and Perennials, Colorama’s Azusa facility is CCOF Certified Organic for their Herb and Vegetable production. Colorama’s Thermal Facility includes a USDA approved, exclusionary greenhouse structure, that allows Colorama to distribute Citrus trees all over the United States.

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Dave Wilson Nursery
Dave Wilson Nursery Logo

Dave Wilson Nursery is the largest producer of deciduous fruit, nut and shade trees in the nation. Still family owned, the nursery has been in operation since 1938. With over 2,000+ acres in production in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, Dave Wilson Nursery services both the commercial and Home Garden markets. Specializing in producing the newest and best tasting hybrid stone fruit available, the main focus is still to grow those "old time favorites" varieties that every homeowner remembers eating as a kid.

All of the fruit trees produced by Dave Wilson Nursery are hand crafted using the same techniques introduced by Luther Burbank back in the early 1900's. By using modern nursery production techniques on both traditional varieties and the newer GMO-free hybrids, the highest quality bareroot nursery stock is produced each winter. Offering over 500 unique varieties of deciduous edibles, there's now a fruit tree available to meet every homeowner's specific desire for their own backyard orchard.

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E.B. Stone™
E.B. Stone™ Logo

Since their beginning in 1916, horticulturists at E.B. Stone have continued to perfect their formulas—and creat new ones, as well. The result is a new generation of 21st century fertilizers, soils for indoor use, all natural pest controls, and soil amendments for all of your garden and landscape needs.

The proof of their efforts is when you see what happens in your own garden with their Green All and E.B. Stone Organics.

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Four Winds Growers
Four Winds Growers Logo

Four Winds Growers has been dedicated to the home growing of Citrus for over 60 years. Started by Floyd Dillon in the early 1950’s, his vision to offer a greater variety of citrus to the backyard gardener continues. Today Four Winds Growers is best known for the large selection of traditional and unique Citrus varieties along with a wide range of other edible plants for the home gardener.

Now into the 4th Generation, the Dillon family continues to meet the demands of today’s home gardeners, offering varieties that suit the vast geographic and ethnic diversity of today’s market. Varieties like Kieffer, Persian and Mexican Lime are always in demand. Unique Lemon varieties like Genoa and the always popular Meyer’s are standard selections. Kumquats like Fukusu and Meiwa are exciting new varieties.

Join Four Winds in ushering in the era of the Mandarin with the best tasting selections that comprise the Mandarin varieties. Along with the popular Owari Satsuma and Clementine comes the great tasting Pixie, Gold Nugget and Page and let’s not forget the spritely sweet “Tango”, fast becoming a #1 seller at farmers markets and better produce suppliers.

Four Winds Growers always has their eye on tomorrow.

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Henri Studio
Henri Studio Logo

Over the past 50 years, Henri Studio has become synonymous with excellence in cast stone fountains, statuary and garden décor. Acclaimed worldwide, Henri sets the benchmark for innovative concepts and premium products in a category which it virtually created.

The artisan’s touch shapes every Henri creation. Each piece is poured by hand in the tradition of meticulous Old World craftsmanship, complemented by our rich, trend-setting finishes. Their fountains are expertly engineered and all Henri products are skillfully made in America.

Creativity and quality is their passion. And with Henri fountains and garden décor, beauty and elegance are yours to enjoy now, and for years to come.

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Hines Growers, Inc.
Hines Growers, Inc. Logo

Hines Growers caters to more than 2,000 retail and commercial customers throughout the United States. We specialize in the distribution of high quality bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, premium blooming plants, ground cover, ornamentals & more. The company currently operates 16 production facilities in California, Arizona and Texas, and ships to 26 states.

The Hines family is committed to the success of its customers and the satisfaction of our ultimate consumers. Our success is built upon exceptional quality products, superior customer service, merchandising, and excellent distribution systems. A commitment to quality runs throughout every facet of Hines Growers - from plug production, to planting, controlling insects and diseases, order entry, customer service, assembly, labeling, loading, distribution, merchandising, and selling.

Hines Growers is truly “Growing for its Customers.”

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La Verne Nursery, Inc.
La Verne Nursery, Inc. Logo

La Verne Nursery, Inc. began in the early 1970’s and has grown to be one of the largest Wholesale Growers of quality containerized fruiting trees. Their Nursery is operating on 95 acres in Piru, California, which includes 2-1/2 acres of greenhouses, 5 acres of shade houses, and 5 acres of screen houses.

La Verne Nursery, Inc. is one of the largest container Avocado growers, west of the Rockies. They also produce citrus trees with a heavy emphasis in ethnic fruiting tree; all ranging in size from 2 gallon containers to 36” boxed fruit trees.

La Verne Nursery, Inc. is certified Veriflora sustainably grown, and distributes to Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

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Monrovia® Nursery Logo

As their logo states, they have been a Horticultural Craftsmen since 1926. Monrovia grows the healthiest, highest quality plants for you to create outdoor spaces that will thrive for years to come. Their plants are nurtured with attention to every detail, to ensure vibrancy and lasting beauty. And whether you’re an experienced green thumb or an admirer of nature who is digging in for the first time, they are there with guidance and inspiration to help you achieve success.

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Otto and Sons Nursery
Otto and Sons Nursery Logo

Otto & Sons Nursery was established in 1976 by Otto and Jeanne Klittich and their four sons, Bob, Bill, Scott, and Karl. Prior to starting the nursery, Otto landscaped in the Southern California area as "Landscape by Otto" for 22 years.

They started growing roses in 1989. And in 2009, they had over 120,000 plants and 800 varieties of roses. Their rose selections include Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, landscape and ground cover roses; climbing roses, and miniature roses.

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Seeds for Autism
Seeds for Autism Logo

SEEDs for Autism is a Phoenix based nonprofit.  Their focus promotes individual goals to youth and adults impacted with autism: job skills, life skills, and social skills.  The job skills are interactive and visual.  Items produced are not arts and crafts, but are products specific to promote: following instructions, listening skills, staying on task, being a team player, and understanding that with all jobs come a variety of expectations.

Local artisans teach and mentor how to use real tools of the trade to make beautiful home and garden products.  Products are made from trades like blacksmithing, welding, sewing, weaving, jewelry, ceramics, soap making, candle making, woodturning and more. 

There are very few impacting options available after this population ages out of school, leaving 80% without interactive skill based programming.   SEEDs focuses on building confidence alongside understanding an ability to demonstrate the root skills necessary to becoming employable.  They promote job skill mentality while also generating quality made products that make wonderful gifts.   As a team, participants are mentored to develop a stronger sense of purpose. 

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Tuscan Pottery Company
Tuscan Pottery Company

Tucson Pottery Company was established in 2014. It was formerly Paradise Distributing Inc., which opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 1972 and eventually expanded to another location in Tucson, Arizona in 1985.

Tuscon Pottery Company is a distributor of imported clay and glazed pottery containers and home décor products from Italy, Vietnam, Mexico and other countries around the world. Their clients are provided with traditional styled products, as well as new and unique styles that reflect current trends and colors.

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