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You Can Grow a Fabulous Winter Lawn

Now Offering a Variety of Ryegrass Seeds to Choose From!

Little Resources Required

Did you know that growing a winter lawn uses 1/3 - 2/3 less water than a summer Bermudagrass lawn uses? Ryegrass winter lawns begin to grow within 7 days of planting! Simply water for 2 minutes, 5 times per day—for a total of 10 minutes of watering daily. Once established, your Ryegrass winter lawn only needs watering 2-3 times per week, depending on the weather. Plus, you can enjoy your winter lawn during the best months of the year to be outdoors!

Best Quality: Sun Lover Ryegrass

A premium blend of 3 perennial ryegrasses, including:

Save with Sun Lover Ryegrass Seed Packages
  • Gator 3 - Dark green color, good heat tolerance, high wear tolerance, exxcellent turf quality, and high disease resistance.
  • Top Gun - Good summer and fall density, excellent dollar spot resistance, and improved brown patch resistance.
  • Sienna - Quick germination and establishment, dark green color with medium-fine leaf texture, spreading growth habit increases wear tolerance and recovery, good winter growth for added wear tolerance, good disease tolerance, blends well with other ryegrass varieties, and southern overseeding of dormant Bermudagrass turf. Great for home and commercial landscapes, schools and sports.
Sun Lover Packages Better Quality: Chamption EZEE Perennial Ryegrass


A Champion® GQ perennial ryegrass and transitional ryegrass blend, is formulated especially for southern overseeding and sports field repairs. Mixtures of perennial and intermediate ryegrass have been shown to provide a smooth, quicker transition than either alone. Champion® GQ provides the overseeding with a dark green, fine textured perennial ryegrass turf that is disease and wear resistant. Fast, smooth sprint transition. Excellent overseeding results, good density winter playability, and disease and wear resistant.

Good Quality: Transaction Intermediate Ryegrass


Transaction Intermediate Ryegrass (Lolium hybridum): Developed to appear and perform like a turf-type perennial ryegrass, but transition more like an annual ryegrass, Transaction (IRFL-2-11) is the ideal choice for winter overseeding. Fast germination and establishment, dark green color and fine texture, use alone or combined with perennial ryegrass, ideal for winter overseed on permanent Bermudagrass fairways, tees, roughs, and sports fields.

For Heavily Shaded Areas: Team Fall Fescue Grass Seed For Heavily Shaded Areas

Perfect for shaded areas where Bermudagrass won’t grow. Tolerates shaded areas now and into early summer. Will grow in shaded areas until night-time temperatures are too hot.

A turf-type tall fescue blend that contains some of the most widely tested and nationally recognized varieties available. Team Tall Fescue Blend cultivars are chosen for their abilities such as turf density, dark green color, fine leaf texture, disease resistance, excellent environmental tolerance, and great persistence that bring overall turf quality to the blend.

Do not fertilize Team Fall Fescue from May - September.

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