8 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

Wondering what to get Dad this Father's Day?

Father's Day is Sunday, June 20

Dad doesn’t have to be an avid gardener to enjoy these eight great gift ideas, this Father's Day!


1. Bonsai

Caring for a Bonsai can be both a spiritual and relaxing experience. Plus, it would look great in Dad's man cave or office. Your local SummerWinds has all the tools Dad needs to keep his bonsai looking and growing it's best...

To learn more about this ancient art, read our blog, "The Art of Bonsai."

Garden Gloves and Hand Tools

2. New Garden Tools or Gloves

Stop by your local SummerWinds Nursery to explore our selection of gardening tools, including hand tools, and our favorite gardening tool—GLOVES! 

3. Pottery & Planters

We've got a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pottery and planters, including ceramic and Talavera pots, raised garden beds, an elevated greenhouse planter, EarthBoxes and more... 

Pottery & Planters

Snake Plant & ZZ Plant

4. Houseplants

Houseplants always make a great gift! We've got a wide selection to choose from, including favorites like ZZ Plants and Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sansevieria)...

Cacti & Heat-Tolerant Succulents

5. Cacti & Heat-Tolerant Succulents

Cacti and heat-tolerant succulents can make colorful, textural additions to Dad's garden landscape!

Want even more ideas? Explore other ways you can incorporate succulents and cacti in your home and garden....


6. Summer Veggies & Herbs

Does Dad love to grill or enjoy cooking with fresh herbs or adding them to his favorite summer beverage? We have a fabulous selection of warm-season vegetables and herbs that Dad can easily grow in his garden, patio planter or raised garden bed.


7. Windchimes

Help Dad relax on his patio, or in his backyard to the sound of windchimes... 

8. SummerWinds Gift Card

8. SummerWinds Nursery Gift Card

In the event you still aren't sure what to get Dad this Father's Day, give him the gift of green with a SummerWinds Nursery Gift Card.

Always the perfect gift!

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