Unique Tomato Plant Starts from Vilardi Gardens

Enjoy Unique Tomato Varieties from Vilardi Gardens

Grown locally by Vilardi Gardens, these tomato plant starts are sure to inspire the foodie in you!

Tomato Varieties Include:

    Tomato Salad
  • Amy's Apricot - This heirloom tomato plant is tall, indeterminate and yields large amounts of sweet 3/4-inch golden cherry tomatoes.
  • Bonnie's Best - An indeterminate heirloom tomato that produces medium-size firm, scarlet fruit with minimal seeds. Furits are crack resistant and 6-8 oz in size. Excellent sliced or canned.
  • Brandywine Pink - An indeterminate heirloom tomato plant that produces rosy-pink, 9 to 16 oz fruits that are treasured for their tangy taste.
  • Cherokee Purple - A vigorous, indeterminate heirloom tomato plant the produces dusky pink fruits with deep red interiors. Fruits are 10-12 oz in size with a sweet, rich taste. Excellent in salads or on sandwhiches.
  • Chocolate Cherry - An indeterminate tomato that produces very tasty 1-inch size fruits that ripen to a rich mahogany. Excellent right off the vine or in salads.
  • Cream Sausage - Also known as Banana Cream. This heirloom tomato is determinate and bushy. It produces numerous 3-inch long, creamy whitish-yellow, elongated, sweet tomatoes. Excellent in salsas and sauces.
  • Indigo Rose - This dark purple, sweet and tangy tomato contains a naturally-occurring anti-oxident found in blueberries (anthocyanins). This compact indeterminate plant boasts large yields of 1-2 oz round fruits with dark red, plummy flesh.
  • Lemon Ice - This indeterminate tomato boasts strong yields of sweet, heart-shaped, pale-yellow fruits 3-7 oz in size.
  • Lucid Gem - This very sweet, indeterminate tomato produces bi-color orange/red-orange and yellow fruit approx. 5 oz in size. Exccellent right off the vine, in salads or sliced.
  • Pink Boar - This vigorous, indeterminate tomato plant produces a port wine color fruit with green stripes and a dark-red interior. Its sweet fruits are 2-4 oz in size and are excellent in salads or as a garnish.
  • Large Red Cherry - This indeterminate tomato plant produces 1.25 inch sweet, firm, red fruits. Excellent in salads or roasted.
  • Roma - This egg-shaped determinate tomato plant produces 3-inch long bright-red fruits with flavor that intensifies as it is cooked. Excellent in sauces, omletes and more!
  • Dwarf Scarlet Heart - This determinate dwarf tomato plant produces red, pointed fruit that is 3-6 oz in size. Excellent sliced, in salads or eaten fresh of the vine.
  • Sweet Carnero's Pink - This indeterminate variety produces small, 2-4 oz round, sweet, rose-pink fruits with golden stripes.
  • Tasmanian Chocolate - This determinate tomato produces burgundy, 4-6 oz ribbed fruits with rich flavor. Excellent in sandwhiches or sliced.

Many of the above varieties are dwarf plants... Available while supplies last. Selection varies by location.   

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Want more tomato inspiration? Read our blog, "The Joys of Growing Your Own Tomatoes ." 

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