Birdbaths at SummerWinds Nursery

The water provided in birdbaths is essential to the well-being of our feathered friends. Birdbaths attract wildlife to your garden and provide water for both drinking and bathing—which is especially important for keeping cool during hot times in the Valley.

Glazed BirdbathsGlazed Birdbath

These colorful glazed ceramic birdbaths make a great addition to any garden.  Shown right, and above on the left.

Birdbaths from Henri Studios

In addition to the beautiful glazed birdbaths noted above, we carry a variety of stone birdbaths from Henri Studios. Acclaimed worldwide, Henri Studios offers hand-casted birdbaths that are expertly engineered and skillfully made in the U.S. A. Their designs range from classic to contemporary.

Henri Studio BirdbathsDriftwood Birdbath 

Inspired by the natural beauty of driftwood, this birdbath is 24.5" tall and 20" in diameter.   Shown above 'a'.

Small Grapeleaf Birdbath

Adorned with grapes and small grape leaves, this two-piece fountain is 28" H with a 19.5" diameter.   Shown above 'b'.

Wide Weathered Birdbath

Designed to look aged, the Wide Weathered Birdbath is 30.5" tall and 22" in diameter.   Shown above 'c'.

Wide Vine Birdbath

Decorated with winding vines, this two-piece birdbath his 30" tall and 22" in diameter.   Shown above 'd'.

Europa Plinth Birdbath

This classic two-piece birdbath is 31" tall and 24.5" in diameter.   Shown above 'e'.

Talavera Birdbaths

Talavera Birdbaths

Love color and design? Check out our selection of Talavera birdbaths. Selection varies by location...

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