Capparis Spinosa Plants from Vilardi GardensCapparis Spinosa Plants From Vilardi Gardens

Organically Grown in and for Maricopa County, AZ

At SummerWinds Nursery, we are delighted to offer our customers wonderful organically-grown Capparis spinosa (caper) plants from local Vilardi Gardens.

Capers & BerriesAlthough their blooms last less than a day, their delectable buds (capers) and berries can be harvested and cured—whether by brining or by pickling them.

Once established, caper plants thrive in the heat, grow well in poor soil conditions and are drought tolerant. These locally propagated starts are sure to be a success in your garden with the right care.

For more information about Capparis spinosa plants and how to grow them in the valley, click the button on the right for additional details from Vilardi Gardens.

Available seasonally, while supplies last.

Vilardi Gardens Capparis Spinosa

About Vilardi Gardens

Vilardi Gardens produces the highest quality heirloom tomato, vegetable and herb plants suitable for the Maricopa County climate.

Vilardi Gardens is a wholesale-only propogator, specializing in all-natural heirloom edible crops suitable for Maricopa County, serving local farmers, local nurseries—like SummerWinds Nursery—and Farmers Markets throughout their vendor network.

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