Basil and Select Summer Veggies from Vilardi Gardens On Sale

Basil Varieties from Vilardi Gardens On Sale - 3 for $12

On Sale Thursday, 8/1/19 thru Tuesday, 8/13/19

Grown here in Maricopa County, under the same conditions that you likely have in your own yard, edible plant starts from Vilardi Gardens are locally grown to succeed!

Save on 4.5" Basil Varieties - 3 for $12:

Basil varieties include:

  • African Blue Basil
  • Amethyst Basil
  • Genovese Basil
  • Holy Basil
  • Mrs. Burns' Lemon Basil
  • Lemon Basil
  • Napoletano Basil
  • Red Rubin Basil
  • Sweet Thai Basil 
  • and more...

Select Summer Veggies & the Moringa Tree On Sale - 3 for $10

Stop by your local SummerWinds to explore our remaining summer vegetables from Vilardi Gardens, on sale now! Also on sale - the amazing, edible moringa tree! Did you know that the Moringa tree needs the heat to grow and a 5" plant start can grow 2-3 ft. tall by winter!

The Amazing Edible Moringa Tree
  • On Sale Thursday, 8/1 thru Tuesday, 8/13/19
  • 4.5" Basil varieties On Sale - 3 for $12
  • 3.5" Summer Vegetables & the Moringa Tree On Sale - 3 for $10
  • Sale SKU 220270: 4.5" basil starts (regularly $4.99 ea.), and 3.5" veggie and moringa tree starts (regularly $3.99 ea.)
  • Starts grown by local Vilardi Gardens
  • While supplies last; selection varies by location
  • Not valid on prior purchases
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer

Want your Vegetables & Herbs to Thrive?

Feed them with E.B. Stone Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-5-3

E.B. Stone Tomato & Vegetable Food

E.B. Stone Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-5-3 is formulated from quality natural organic ingredients for use throughout the vegetable garden, as well as with soft fruits like strawberries.

It will contribute to even plant growth without producing excessive foliage at the expense of the fruit. The additional phosphorous helps to ensure the production of high quality fruits and vegetables. The calcium aids in preventing disorders like blossom end rot and helps to correct acidic soil conditions.

CDFA Registered.

Available in a 4 lb. box, 15 lb. bag and a 30 lb. bag.

At SummerWinds, We Guarantee Success!