Getting Dirty: How to Use Different Types of Soil

Healthy soil is important to a successful and thriving garden. The soil we plant our seeds and plants in can determine how strong our flowers and vegetables will grow.

When working in the garden, there are five different types of soil you can work with, and erosion...

Feed Your Soil So It Feeds You! Plant Cover Crops

If you are not planning to grow cool season veggies, the best thing you can do for your garden is to grow a cover crop.

Cover Crops

Cover crops feed the soil by being tilled under once properly matured. While growing, cover crops...

Lunchbox Gardens and Cool Season Veggies

Plant your own lunchbox garden that can be sent off to school in reusable stainless steel, plastic or glass storage containers for meals that are healthy for your kids and the planet.

Late summer crops that can last through November, if the weather holds: