Lunchbox Gardens and Cool Season Veggies

Plant your own lunchbox garden that can be sent off to school in reusable stainless steel, plastic or glass storage containers for meals that are healthy for your kids and the planet.

Late summer crops that can last through November, if the weather holds:


How to Build a Herb Garden

One of the most amazing things you can have in your garden is a full and vibrant herb garden; growing and using your own fresh herbs makes homemade meals taste even better. If you’re thinking of starting or updating your herb garden, here are the must-haves you...

Sustainable Gardening in 8 Steps

In warm weather, your yard demands more use of our natural resources. The following will help you create a beautiful leisure space that is sustainable too.

8 Steps to a Sustainable Garden:

1. Hydrozone

When you create hydrozones, it means that plants with similar water requirements are planted together. Planning...