The Best Houseplants for Beginners

When looking for the best house plants, it is important to take into consideration the amount of light in your home as well as the amount of maintenance the plants will require. There are many types of good house plants. You just need to find the right match to your environment and your time available to care for and maintain your plants. Typically house plants with low light requirements are the easiest to maintain. Some common house plants that you can find at SummerWinds Nursery are listed below.

Houseplants- Low Light

These plants do well with indirect light from a window.

Peace LiliesSpathiphyllum: Grow well in low light and will produce white cupped flowers.

Jade or Golden Pothos Epipremnum aureum – Very hearty plant. They have large green, variegated leaves. Good house plants for beginners.

Peace Lily Golden Leaf Pothos

Chinese EvergreenAglaonema: Grow in a nice full shape. Known for large glossy oval-shaped leaves with small flowers. Flowers bloom in white and change to greenish white or red.

ZZ PlantZamioculcas: Excellent texture and thick straight stems with dark green leaves.

Chinese Evergreen ZZ Plant

Cast IronAspidistra elatior : Very hearty, tough plant. Can survive most conditions. Excellent choice if you don't have a lot of time to care for plants, but still want the benefits they provide.

Parlor PalmChamaedorea elegans: Very popular houseplant with rich green, slightly arched and slender leaves. Perfect for small spaces.

Cast Iron Parlor Palm

Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue Sansevieria: - Stiff spear like leaves have a glossy texture. This elegant looking plant has clusters of flowers on thin stalks.

Dumbcane Dieffenbachia: - Broad-leaved foliage plant with thick succulent stems. Popular for its ease of care and comes in a variety of leaf patterns.

Snake Plant Dumbcane

Houseplants that love that sunshine

Elephants EarAlocasia amazonica ‘Polly’ Beautiful houseplant that has bright white veins protruding from a dark background. Arrow shaped leaves can reach over a foot in length. A difficult plant to grow, does well in a bright bathroom.

• Ivory Pineapple Ananas comosus variegatus – Has strong, spiky, sharp foliage and a flower spike which is followed by a small pineapple. This is one of the best bromeliads to own. This plant requires high humidity and plenty of warmth in the spring to induce flowering and fruiting. Plant will bloom for up to 10 months.

Elephants Ear Ivory Pineapple

Norfolk Island Pine Araucaria heterophylla: Related to the monkey puzzle plant, this pine is great for growing indoors. It has soft needles which cover tiered branches and resemble a Christmas treeWill grow as a large tree outside in warmer climates but will also do well as a small tree in a bright position.

Josephs Coat Codiaeum ‘Excellent’: This brightly colored plant requires attentive care. As the plant matures, the leaves change color and become brighter.

Norfolk Pine Josephs Coat

Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae : A beautiful plant from South Africa. The flower is well known for its remarkable shape and color. Find a bright location indoors and your plant will flower for months.

Desert Rose Adenium obesum: This succulent plant is excellent for containers because it can store plenty of water through periods of drought.

Bird of Paradise Desert Rose

Kalanchoe Kalanchoe blossfeldiana: commonly called kalanchoe, is a dark green, succulent perennial with scallop-edged leaves and large umbels of flower clusters held above the foliage. Grows upright with multiple branches. Long bloom time, the bright red, pink or yellow flower clusters will last for weeks.

Succulents Succulent plants are the trend for house plants. This easy to care for plant group offers a diverse selection of beautiful plants for your home. Can be planted alone or as a companion plant. Colors range from blue-green to pinks, yellows and more.

Kalanchoe Succulents

African VioletsSaintpaulia ionantha: - Delicate, slightly furry looking and simply lovely. These old time favorites look great in vintage containers and are perfect for a bright window and indirect light.

Schefflera dwarf umbrella tree: - The elongated leaves of the Schefflera plant has the appearance of an umbrella. These cool plants act as a natural air freshener and detoxifier.

African Violets Schefflera

At SummerWinds Nursery, we carry the widest variety of the best house plants. We have a house plant to match any environment. Stop in today and let one of our Trusted Garden Advisors help you find the best house plants for your home or office!

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