Why invite birds to your garden?

Birds play an important role in our garden’s ecosystem. They control plant-eating pests like aphids and snails. They assist with flower pollination by spreading nectar. Birds such as sparrows, finches and many others eat weed seeds, eliminating those unwanted plants. And finally birds can act as stress relievers with their melodic songs and happy movement as they show you how much they appreciate the natural habitat you so kindly created for them.

The plants listed below will allow you to grow the perfect bird habitat in your California Landscape. Please note that while we carry many if not all the plants listed here, selection may vary by location and may only be available in select seasons. Please contact your local SummerWinds Nursery for selection. Our Trusted Garden Advisors are also great resources for helping you choose the right plants for your garden.

Plants That Attract Birds

Perennials That Attract Birds

Common Name Botanical Name Perennials
Aster (pictured) Aster spp. Aster Attracts Birds
Blanket Flower Gaillardia spp.
Coneflower Echinacea spp. Coreposis Attract Birds
Coreopsis (pictured) Coreopsis spp.
Cosmos (pictured) Cosmos spp. Cosmos Attract birds
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare
Globe Thistle Echinops spp. Goldenrod Attract Birds
Goldenrod (pictured) Solidago spp.
Mexican Sunflower (pictured) Tithonia spp. Mexican Sunflower Attract Birds
Oriental Poppy Papaver orientale

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Shrubs That Attract Birds

Common Name Botanical Name Shrubs
Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae California Coffeeberry Attract Birds
California Coffeeberry (pictured) Rhamnus californica
Currant Ribes spp. Manzanita Attracts Birds
Manzanita (pictured) Arctostaphylos
Privet Ligustrum Rosemary Attracts Birds
Rosemary (pictured) Rosmarinus officinalis
Viburnum Viburnum spp.

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Annuals That Attract Birds

Common Name Botanical Name Annuals
Bachelor Buttons Centaurea cyanus California Poppies Attract Birds
California Poppy (pictured) Eschscholzia californica
Marigold (pictured) Tagetes spp. Marigolds Attract Birds
Sunflower Helianthus spp.

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Other Ways To Invite The Birds

Other Pollinators...

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