Soils, Amendments and FertilizersSoils, Amendments & Fertilizers

One key element to determining the success of your plants is using the right soil. It is important to understand that 90% of your plant's success is related to the soil. Soil is a living dynamic organism that is the foundation of life for your plants.

There are many components to maintaining the ideal garden soil for your plants.  Knowing what type of soil your plants need, what type of soil you have, how to amend and fertilize your soil and what options you have for organic pest control will ensure your plants flourish.  The experts at SummerWinds Nursery can help you navigate all of these choices.  They can help you select the best organic soil, choose between organic fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer and offer many options for organic pesticides.


Soil MixesSummerWinds Nursery sells a variety of ready to use garden soil designed for specific applications:

  • African Violet Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – best for all varieties of indoor flowers. Contains: Fir Bark, Aged Redwood and Sand. Registered cdfa. 
  • Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Planting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – good for a soil amendment or potting soil. Recommended for use with evergreens, ferns, rhododendrons, begonias and other plants that prefer acidic soil. Registered cdfa.

  • Bonsai Planting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – great for indoor use and outdoor use for all bonsai plants. Registered cdfa. 
  • Cactus Mix (by E.B. Stone Naturals) – great soil for all indoor cactus and succulent plants. Registered cdfa.   
  • Orchid Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – soil that is tailored to the needs of orchids. Registered cdfa. 

  • Seed Starter Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – This lightweight organic soil mix is ideal for starting seeds and rooting cuttings. Registered cdfa.  Pair this with E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer.

    New Look, Same Great Soil, Now CDFA Approved
  • Potting Soil – We offer several brands of Potting Soil:

    • SoilsSummerWinds Natural & Organic Potting Soil (developed with E.B. Stone Organics) – Great for all indoor and outdoor container gardening.  For best results, use with E.B. Stone’s Sure Start starter fertilizer.

    • Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil (by E.B. Stone Organics) – Made with the best ingredients available, this soil works well with container gardens both indoors and outdoors. An all-natural organic soil that helps retain moisture and helps with aeration. This garden soil promotes strong root and top growth.  Registered cdfa. Pair this soil with E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer for best results 

    • Citrus & Palm Planting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – Blended to help all citrus, palms and other tropical plants thrive. Pair with E.B. Stone Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Food.

    • Ocean Forest® Potting Soil (by FoxFarm) – This garden soil blend has everything your plants need to thrive in your garden. 

    • Raised Bed & Potting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – This organic soil mix is made with premium ingredients and is ideal for any raised bed. It can be used as a stand alone soil or mixed with garden soil. Registered cdfa. Pair with E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer.

    • Rose Grow Planting Mix (by E.B. Stone Organics) – This organic soil mix is designed to be used as both a planting mix for roses and as a stand-alone potting soil for perfectly suited for roses. Pair with E.B. Stone Organics Rose and Flower Food.



You can fix existing poor soil by amending it with missing nutrients.  SummerWinds Nursery sells a number of soil amendments, including:

  • Amendments at SWSummerWinds Natural & Organic Planting Mix (developed with E.B. Stone Organics) – This all-purpose natural and Organic transplanting mix is ideal for all types of flowers, vegetables and ornamentals, including annuals, perennials, ground covers, shrubs, fruit and shade trees.  For best results, pair with E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer.  
  • Chicken Manure (by E.B. Stone Naturals) – Works as both a fertilizer and soil amendment.  Great for starting a new garden.
  • Organic Compost (by E.B. Stone Organics) – the organic matter found in compost is the foundation of rich garden soils and key to all types of successful gardens, including vegetable gardens, flower beds, with trees, shrubs and even on lawns. Can be added to the soil during planting or used as a surface mulch. Registered cdfa.

  • Gypsum – Gypsum is particularly good for tomatoes due to its calcium content.  At SummerWinds Nursery, we offer two types of Gypsum.

  • Peat MossPeat Moss – We offer two brands of Peat Moss:

    • E.B. Stone Organics Peat Moss – Improves moisture retention for any soil. Registered cdfa. 

    • Sunshine Peat Moss – A natural way to condition and aerate your soil.   


  • PerlitePerlite – We offer two types of Perlite:
    • E.B. Stone Organics Perlite – Excellent for loosening up potting mixes.  Pair with E.B. Stone Organics Seed Starter Mix.

    • Uni-Gro® Perlite – Ready to use perlite will work with all plants as well as seed starting. Can be blended with soil to increase aeration.

  • GardenTime Play SandPlay Sand – GardenTime Play Sand is great for kid’s sandboxes and also as a mortar or base material for bricks and pavers.  This is a super fine-grained sand comparable to what you see on the beach. 

  • amendmentsE.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur – This essential plant nutrient helps adjust the pH level of your soil and helps plants maintain their green leaves.  Also assists plant in the use of nitrogen fertilizer. 
  • Vermiculite – Uni-Gro® Vermiculite is an organic soil additive that increases water retention, aeration and slowing nutrient release. Excellent for use in containers.
  • Volcanic Pumice – E.B. Stone Organics Volcanic Pumice is a natural way to improve aeration and water retention.  Great for use with potting soils and containers.

  • E.B. Stone Organics Super Earthworm Castings – An ideal addition to local soils, this organic soil conditioner helps improve the overall health of your soil. Registered cdfa. 






  • FertilizersTiming – How Often:
    • Vegetables – Fertilize vegetables monthly
    • Fruit & Shade Trees – Fertilize 3 times per year; in March, June and October. 
    • Shrubs – Every 2 months 
    • Perennials – Monthly 
    • Annuals – Monthly 
    • Natives –We recommend fertilizing natives sparingly with fish or seaweed emulsion in February and September. 
  • Types of Fertilizers:  SummerWinds Nursery carries a number of types of fertilizers, including: organic fertilizer, liquid, water soluble and granular fertilizer.

  • NPK chartNPK Labelling of Fertilizers: The numbers on the bag associated with each letter are the percentages of that element.  For example, 16-4-8 is 16% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, and 8% potassium. 

    • Nitrogen (N) – helps with leaf development and makes your lawn green.

    • Phosphorous (P) – aids in root development.

    • Potassium (K) – Vital for disease resistance and root development.


  • E.B. Stone Fertilizers – SummerWinds Nursery carries a wide variety of fertilizers, including those from E.B. Stone Organics.  Some of our favorites are:

    • EB Stone FertilizersAll Purpose Plant Food – E.B. Stone Organics All Purpose Plant Food 5-5-5 is an organic fertilizer ideal for vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns and flower gardens. Registered cdfa. 

    • Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food – E.B. Stone Organics Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food 5-5-3 is ideal for use with azalea, camellia and gardenias, as well as other acid-loving plants such as, rhododendrons, fuchsia and evergreen conifers. Registered cdfa. 

    • Citrus & Fruit Tree Food – E.B. Stone Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Food 7-3-3 is ideal for use with citrus trees, fruit trees and other fruit producing plants such as berries. Also good for shade trees, flowering trees and vines.  Registered cdfa.  Pair with E.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur.

    • Hibiscus & Palm Food – E.B. Stone Organics Hibiscus & Palm Food 6-5-3 is ideal for palms, hibiscus and other tropical plants. Registered cdfa. 

    • Rose & Flower Food – E.B. Stone Organics Rose & Flower Food 5-6-3 is suggested for roses, perennials and other flowering plants. Long lasting, slow release nitrogen. Registered cdfa.  Use with E.B. Stone Organics Rose Grow Planting Mix and E.B. Stone Naturals Soil Sulfur.

    • Sure Start – E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start 4-6-2 is ideal for newly transplanted plants.  It encourages the development of strong roots. Registered cdfa. 

    • Tomato & Vegetable Food – E.B. Stone Organics Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-5-3 can be used throughout your vegetable garden, in addition to being used with soft fruits (such as strawberries) to produce high-quality fruits and vegetables. Registered cdfa. 

    • Ultra-Bloom Plant Food – E.B. Stone Organics Ultra Bloom Plant Food 0-10-10 is good for all plants, particularly Azaleas, Camellias and Rhodenderons. Add to flowering plants when buds begin to form. In addition to encouraging the development of flowers and fruit, this fertilizer also helps plants resist disease. Registered cdfa. 

  • Steer ManureSteer Manure (by GreenAll) – Condition native soils prior to planting with this organic fertilizer.





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