One of the most beautiful producers of spring flowers is the wisteria plant.  This plant provides showy purple hanging flowers that create an excellent shade or privacy screen.  The dramatic flowers are incredibly fragrant and can transform your garden into a relaxing retreat. There are several varieties of wisteria available, including the wisteria tree, wisteria vine, the Chinese wisteria (wisteria sinensis) and water wisteria. 

The wisteria plant needs a full sun location to maximize flower production.  Wisteria vines are heavy and require sturdy support. These plants need moist but well-draining soil and can be planted during the spring or fall months. The wisteria plant is a rapid grower, so be sure to give it lots of space.  You don’t want to overpower other plants in your garden. Water frequently during the first year, allowing roots to establish.  After this, wisteria will only need water during dry spells when you receive less than 1 inch of rain a week.

WisteriaPlant Facts:

Wisteria WallType: Perennials
Height: Varies
Bloom Time: Spring
Sun-Shade: Full Sun
Zones: 4-9
Soil Condition: Moist, well-drained, fertile
Flower / Accent: Blue/Purple/White

Caring for your wisteria

Pruning your wisteria tree or wisteria vine is the key to its success.  To maximize flower production, prune your plant in late winter leaving just a few buds on each branch.  Because this is a rapid growing plant, you can also prune again in the summer by cutting new shoots back to 6 inches.  This will help to maintain a desired shape.  To encourage more flowering, try cutting back some of the new shoots every 2 weeks during the summer.  This will send more energy to the flowering parts of the plant. Avoid severely cutting back your wisteria plant as this will encourage rapid regrowth.

To help control weeds and promote healthy growth, add a 2-inch layer of mulch over a layer of compost every spring.  Flowering is also stimulated with the addition of a few cups of bone meal added to the soil in spring and rock phosphate added in the fall.

At SummerWinds Nursery, we have everything you need to transform your yard into a relaxing oasis with a beautiful wisteria plant.  Whether you want to grow the Chinese wisteria or the wisteria vine, our Trusted Garden Advisors can answer all of your questions.

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